Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still Standing

I couldn't resist this old building, located near one of the "Painted Churches" of Fayette County, Texas.  The Czech settled in this area of Texas and their place names are everywhere.  I often wonder when I see an abandoned house like this one what sort of life went on before it was left to crumble into ruin and what prompted the people to leave behind only their footprints and old wood.  Old houses and old trees are somewhat alike in that they both bear witness to earlier times and the lives that surround and inhabit them and they both also are fated to gain a beautiful texture with age.  I enjoy recording the crust of patina that comes only with a long and useful life, a patina that can be applied to people as well as to buildings. 


Pastel and Colored Pencil on paper

16 x 20

Who knows how much longer this old house will still be standing.

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